Dagpo Rinpoche’s Public Talk

By Our Correspondent

Asian Age – Mumbai Special January 21, 2006.

Mumbai, Jan 21: ” As living beings, we have a mind, and happiness is the bare necessity for us especially in today’s fast paced world. Because of this I believe Buddhism has greater relevance in the 21st century.” These were the words of Dagpo Lama Rinpoche, a Buddhist spiritual guru on the topic “Relevance of the Religion in the 21st Century”.

The Dharma Rain Centre had organised the talk on Saturday evening which was followed by an interactive session. Rinpoche said, “If everyone is happy then Buddhism has no role to play.” He also said that there was no need for one to convert to Buddhism and happiness can be experienced by following certain principles in life.

He, however, asked the audience not to convert to Buddhism after hearing his thoughts and added, “Please learn the teachings of Lord Buddha and if you find it useful, take to Buddhism.” Rinpoche added, “A person who has no faith and belief in spirituality would find some interesting things in Buddhism.”

Organiser of the event, Mr Aspi Mistry said, “Mumbai fulfils only material needs of the people, but if someone seeks a spiritual path, there aren’t much opportunities. In case of Buddhism, it is difficult for a person to access information, the Dharma Rain Centre is just an effort towards it.”

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