SHEN YI ZHI DAO (The Way of Spiritual Intention)


Still as we are,
gaining the light of this world,
we must be still.

Nature is much,
but claims none.

Follow these ways and you are enlightened.

Heaven is present
Yet does not express to everyone.

Follow this,
and you will know yourself.

Breath is everlasting
and gives to all within and without.

Follow this,
and you are immortal.


Using life to show others a truth
will cause one to arrive at an early death.
Using life to enjoy the truth one feels within,
longevity remains.

If the overall truth of all that is pervades
all things, then why are Humans the only ones to resist?

Because Humans still view themselves as separate.

When the perception of Unity is felt,
all things will exist One as All.


Wind has its time to form an expression.
Earth has its time to manifest condition.
Humans must adhere to the changes in
time, for time is associated to action
in this dimension, and our mind is
programmed to anchor in emotion.

Change means to let go.
Stillness means to be light.

When change, stillness and light
are in harmony,
one will be light enough to change
while being still.



To conceive of being so causes
one not to be.

To conceive is to grasp.
To grasp is to attach.

When one attempts to achieve emptiness,
and grasps hold of the way of achieving this state,
one becomes further away from emptiness
and closer to stagnancy.

The way can never be grasped to reach a
conclusion, for the way changes.
Emptiness has no conclusion, for even emptiness

To become empty
is to be inconclusive.
To be inconclusive one
must not hold on to their ways of becoming.


Absence is the key to enlightenment.
Enlightenment is the key to all being.

In the consciousness of Being all,
absence does not exist.
There is no separation, hence,
there is no superiority.

During life, know that the Being who is
all knows nothing.
and one who knows nothing
knows all.

Therefore, one must realize but

Drop perception.

To perceive to know
is to conclude in the moment.
To perceive to know for that moment
and release conclusion is progress.


Perceiving to Perceive.


When eyes are closed
energy is held within.
When breath is slow,
energy is utilized.

Both are two of the many expressions
of vital energy we will call Spirit.
Both contain principle,
yet this principle is used differently in many expressions.


To be still and moving is simple.
Being simple becomes complicated at first.
In center, of extreme or not,
There is another center.
In this place, there is yet another.

Slow movement is not slow enough to
stop time, and yet
time is only perception,
but exists not in conclusion of itself.

Be conscious of what perception you are using
to experience being still and moving,
simple and complicated,
extreme and center.

Experience is the key,
and accumulates over time.

What manner is used to perceive of time?
Who is experiencing?


Character can be cultivated successfully
through emotion and intent.

In the beginning,
we are of a character which expresses
joy, sorrow, tranquility, chaos,

Here, we are fluctuating between
both extremes, yet without concluding
to any one of them as acceptable,
not acceptable, better or worse.

After many years of childhood we pick
and choose according to our environment and
the people within it, animals, plants.

Once it becomes repetitious,
our natural distinction between freewill
and imposed reality become distorted.

Character should not be dependant upon
one’s environment. Environment is dependant
upon one’s character.

If your character is manifesting in a
dull expression, so will your environment.

Why are so many people quick to change
their place rather than themselves?

Holding on to comfort and that which
is fixated upon comfort will create
ignorance and laziness.

This stagnancy will manifest conclusive
realities, and hence addictions, ego and


To change
to let go,
receive nothing and see the beauty
of Nature.

We grow accustomed to things.
Things do not change, but mind does,

When the mind is fixated to accept things
as a conclusive reality,
then the mind is forced to perceive
one expression of creation.

Freedom can not be achieved by these means.

How can one exist freely if their
mind is chained to fixed expressions
of things, reality, freedom and non-freedom?


To be clear is a misconception,
for clarity is still a perception
unless the perception being used
is used by a non-attached mind.

Both clarity and non-attachment
have attachments as long as the mind
is being used to perceive them.

In order for the mind to not hold attachment,
there must not be a body.


if the use of perception is the only attachment the mind has,
and the body is not overwhelmed by emotion,
then clarity can be experienced.

It is only after experiencing through a mind
One must work in both extremes to
a Human expression of natural and not natural.

It is through both expressions that
that which is and that which is not
can experience the extremes of its choices
of manifestation while being centered.

If this was common knowledge,
wouldn’t everyone see truth in all they do?


Nature is the will of Heaven.
The Way tells us that the will of Nature
is a harmoniously expressed will.

Even chaos is embraced, yet
chaos is not chaotic, for it is
part of the will of Heaven.

Nature holds both Yin and Yang
within and without, and does not
revere to either one as superior.

So why does man hold favor for the
perception of superiority when within
there is both a perception of
weakness and power,
struggle and easy,
knowing and ignorant?

Because they believe conditions
to be real


The Way does not attempt to out do
itself. It does not ask through its
presence to seek for the greater of itself.

Even though the way of all
is expressed by all, each one
is just as grand.

The way is not higher than itself
for it is without separation.

Any expression with intention
of being the greater of paths is not a
path to the genuine.

Expression of a way to be more
of itself is not the way to enlightenment.

The Way is simple, constant and
seems to change to fit one’s expressions.

But it doesn’t.

One changes expressions to fit the Way,
And still, there is nothing that needs to fit.



Gathering Qi through the body,
inhaling from all extensions.

Remain with both ends of the
upward Yang channel pulling
in opposite directions.

Knees bent just enough with hips
and tailbone down and forward.

Head pulling upward from the crown.
Feet forward.

If you can not cultivate correct posture,
disease will soon follow and Qi can
not be transformed.

Clear the pathway for breath
and extend the limbs.


The basics of living are obvious.

Nature is the key to self-mastery,
but once you realize nothing,
self-mastery does not exist.

Let your perception pass through the mind,
and let mind anchor the perception of expansion.

When expansion is felt, then nothingness can fill the void.

Once this is achieved, one must continue this way until they
have created a reality based on change and emptiness,
detachment, and yet it is not acheived.


There is a moral code in Nature.

It does not mean that Nature is

Nature’s moral code is to be followed
and empowered by Humanity, yet not many
in Humanity have been perceptive to know
this code.

Animals follow it, the trees emit it,
and yet humans deny it.

The wind carries it, plants and flowers
manifest it and still, Humans do not abide
by it.

This code is not hard to find, for it is all
around us.

This code is not hard to comprehend, for
it is this code which is our sense of comprehension.

What is this moral code?

If I were to label it,
Religion would start.

If I were to speak it,
the sound of it would fall upon deaf ears and unstill hearts.

If I were to show it, no one would
believe the sight of it.

But I have shed light upon the path
towards experientially knowing it.

One must see with their hearts, feel
with their minds and behold through
their eyes the way of Nature.

It is of mind.

The path is everywhere,
The code is known through this path


Do not let the words confuse you
by claiming label to things.

To know things
is to accumulate memory.

To remember is to piece together
accumulated thoughts, images and

These instances have already existed.

Why recreate the past, when the present
is filling up with future memories?


Observe the past.

The very moment of the present
becomes history by the instant it is

The very next moment will be the

To remain mindful of the present moment,
do not grasp it with the mind, do not
remember it, do not store it in emotion.

To remain mindful,
to let go of the past,
Know that the future is already here
and that the present has already happened


Spirit is already cultivated as itself.

Integrating the ways of Humanity, Spirit
must surrender and embrace Human

Who is human to have limitation?

Spirit and Human are both one idea in

Once the Spirit acquires a body, the body
becomes the living embodiment of Spirit.

Humanity is not with a limitation. It is
only when disbelief enters,
that the Human experience
is concluded.

So then,
Are we Spirit, Human or both?

Whatever the answer, there will be a
conclusion, yet which conclusion manifests
over all freedom?

Aren’t we already free?


Knowledge is accumulated thought
which has very little energetic value.

True knowledge cannot be accumulated.

The remains of true knowledge are vague impressions within the mind.

To tap into true knowledge one must enter
with a non-attached mind.

Yet since the mind will be using a perception,
it is attached.

The key to non-attached perception is
non-association to the perception and emotion
of what is being perceived.


We are driven to achieve certain goals.

Along our path to achievement
We gather various things.

On our path we grow towards acquiring
perceptions, emotions, intentions and loss
of sight.

We loose sight of our path and delve into
that which is acquired.

We create situations based on what we
have gathered.

Thus, we forget our path and remain concluded.

At the end of experiencing our acquired
ways, a realization manifests.

This realization shows nothing,
which is what we started out with.

The nothing that has manifested did not just happen.

It was always there,
covered by our acquired ways.


Nature does not seek for the
“extras” of life.

What has become known as the “extras”
are not natural.

Thus, Nature remains natural.

Humans seek for the extra.

Many mistake this wanting as Human

They are wrong.

The search for more is a condition,
and is acquired through time and

The idea of not enough is not natural,
but a means to self- destruction.

Fear is not natural.

It is a misconception of what is.

There is no overcoming of fear,
only realization of truth.


How does one recognize their
ways if all they know are their ways?

By questioning their reaction with such ways.

This means, one must question how
their reactions are.

What emotions are associated and why,
what memories are associated to which emotions?

After, one must observe their life
and decide whether or not there is

Satisfaction is not the end result, but
the means to reaching the end result
which would be re-creation or absence.


Reaching a state of clarity is not the
focus. For the idea of reaching concludes
perception by creating the illusion that
clarity is far away.

Humans, by condition, can only conceive
of destruction and disbelief.

Humans forgot their own beauty and magic.

The sorcery of Human nature is
unimaginable for this current conscious
mind, or more better expressed,
un-conscious mind.

That which is not,
Is that which creates all.

It is the one who rests,
Who rests in clarity.

What is the purpose of clarity?

It is not to be a Spiritual figure – head,
it is not to be a changer of reality or
even community.

The purpose of clarity is not to be clear,
or to not be without thought.

In being clear,
there would be no purpose of clarity whatsoever.

So what is so great about being clear?



Why listen to Nature?

What is the point to being one?

One can deafen their senses and dull the
heart from the constant voice of Nature.

One can cause their will over others.

The will of Nature and Heaven will,
eventually cause one’s intentions
to balance and re create reality.


Rulers speak of things to gain
from what they want.

Aspiring rulers speak of things so
they can get closer to having what the
ruler wants and what ordinary people think
a ruler should have.

Ordinary people are confused about what
to have because they are too worried about
what the ruler wants and what the aspiring
ruler is getting to.

The sage does not speak of what they have,
but achieves things by what they do with what is already there.

To speak of gaining,
is equal to not receiving it.

Both cancel each other out.

To silently place your goals to the winds, all will adhere.
That which works for all will manifest with the blessings of Heaven and Earth.

Seekers of the Way are closer
to reaching it.

Those who are of the way, intend to give it.

Speak not of your gains and means to
acquire, for this will hinder its manifestation
and ordinary people will question.

Lie to the majority,
Heaven and Earth will become restless.

One who speaks little,
but does not impose intention upon the world,
achieves Nature’s will.

What is Nature’s will?

To know this answer
one must realize their place in existence,
see past their conditions.


The will of man and Heaven are
not in accordance with each other
due to man’s condition of control.

Nature does not separate itself from
Heaven and man.

Man is the only creation who seeks
separation and control.

This is not the Nature of humanity.

This is the Nature of condition, ignorance
and fear.

When those who realize freedom from
condition, ignorance and fear,
Those who uphold such will succumb
to the will of True Nature.


A nation is not successful when
its people are of ill health.

A nation cannot be wealthy
while its people are poor.

For success to be present,
Everyone must benefit.

When a ruler rules by war,
People will rise.

When a ruler lies to the people,
People become confused.
They inherently know good from bad.

When people are conditioned with false presentations,
they eventually deteriorate.

When quality of life wanes,
Nature will enforce the will of Heaven


In order for there to be change, there
must be an acknowledgement of one’s

In order for one to acknowledge their
one must be mindful.

In order for one to be mindful,
one must breathe.

All action begins from breath.

To know your breath is to know life.

Many exhale more than they take in.
This is possible because there is more
to breath than what people think.

How to know life?



Right action,
Right thought,
Right emotion,
Right intention,
Right will.

There is no wrong outcome.

There is only that which is intentionally
created, and that which is intentionally
created due to ignorance.

All people react.

They react to action, emotion, thought,
intention and will.

To get a particular reaction one must
study emotion, gather thoughts to carry
emotion, intuit intention according to
one’s choice for emotion and strengthen
will to place intention into action to
manifest one’s will.

If any of these steps are forgotten,

an incomplete action will manifest.


Master these, and one can create reality
upon their will.

Fall victim to ignorance and the will of
others will be imposed.


Some do not get it.
Some take time to conceive of it.
While it never changes,
people do.

By the time of the conception of it,
they are finally freed from their body
and become it.

What is it?

To know this is to have died.
How does one know death?

By the changing of perception.
To change is to re-awaken.

To re-awaken is to have died and been re-born.

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