Forging Unintelligence

By:Lin Ai We

June 13th, 2007

The world as we have come to know it, is actually a purposely ignorant manner of intelligence. Now you may ask how intelligence can actually be ignorance, and so I will explain it for you in detail.

We know intelligence to be of a higher level of understanding than what is perceived as common sense, common knowledge. It is the knowledge the common person is not so much aware of. It can be in forms of technology, psychology, science, medicine, mathematics, you get the point. But we must look at what we consider intelligence. Based on the list of the five above, we can relatively say that the common person views them as an intelligent focus of the mind.

If we look at the world today, it seems like there is less intelligence and more ignorance in the minds of people. Some can argue that it is human nature, which is another article altogether, some may say it is lack of education, diet, environment, government influence, family influence. The list can go on.
What we are really looking at is nothing mysterious. The problems of our world, people, and environment; which is actually the immediate surroundings, people, countries, oceans, universe and the many out there and all lands within them, are outcomes of causes planted by ignorance, greed, anger and arrogance. How have these causes been planted?
Since the formation of communities and societies, people needed a manner in which to base moral behavior on, a manner in which they can follow, a philosophy. Because our current environmental problems, (see my definition of environment above) are within the modern world, we will look at one manner in philosophy of the modern world which is one of the most powerful ideas in shaping the modern mind. It is the root cause of the outcomes we face every day.
It is taken from what science has labeled, “The Animal Kingdom”. Ready?
“Survival of the Fittest”. Yes, the great quote and philosophy those in power stand by, those who want power cultivate, and those who see others in power try to work into every aspect of their mind. It is a manner of behavior which every human carries in almost all of their daily actions.
Humans have observed animals, and decided that it is the stronger, more aggressive one which dominates and has power. So, they emulate animals, thinking it is proper for the human world. This philosophy was observed by humans who could not understand why a great amount of good people experience poverty, hunger, and loss in competition, while those who are aggressive, angry, do evil/bad things, have loads of money seem to always have somewhat of a “fulfilling” life. Take a look at that point. In today’s world, the majority of those who have great amounts of money seem to be the ones doing the not-so-nice things in the world.
What we are seeing is not the philosophy of survival of the fittest, but the outcomes of their past good causes, the process of karma. Just because people have money, a big house, nice cars, and fancy clothes, doesn’t mean they are virtuous, morally cultivated, respectful people. Money and virtue do not go hand in hand, but an outcome of properly cultivated virtue may be money, given certain planted causes. Think of the mind as the ground, thoughts, emotions, and desires to be seeds that are planted, and what you experience, as the result of your planting/cultivating.
People experienced loss, inequality, separatism, hurt to the ego, and decided that in order to “get ahead” one must hurt others and make sure the competitive mind is always on point. They purposely conditioned, forged in their minds that one must be stronger than the rest, and do what it takes to make the next dollar, or whatever money one’s country uses.
This “re-educating” led our modern world into vast competition. Everyone wants and wants. They try to “get ahead” and it is done at the expense of other’s misfortune.
This is what is meant by “Forging Unintelligence”. It is not human nature to be competitive, nor is it human nature to be egotistical. It is conditioning and repetition of the same conditions which give one what they have always received, and as a result of seeing the same things over and over again, one begins to believe the world is just that way.
Forging unintelligence simply means to plant into one’s mind, thoughts of anger, greed, ignorance, and arrogance. These four are the foundation of our world’s problems as well as for our own unhappy experiences. It builds the excuse of why one should believe in “survival of the fittest”. Believing in self= ego, others= everyone else/separatism, living beings= that there is such things as living beings, and a life = that there is such a thing as living and dying, then the current model of the world makes a lot of sense.
Why is it unintelligent? It is so because if one were to look at the outcomes we are faced with in our daily lives, one will realize that it is based on what has been done in our past, and that life is continuous, never ends, so therefore there is no life, for there is no death.
Competition is in everything we do…conditionally, and everything we do is based on our conditions. The meaning of conditions, used here, is what is within our mind which allows us to accept, not accept and to experience and understand what we have the ability to, the capability to.
When we are on line at the store buying groceries, we try to get a stable stance so others will not try to cut in front, so they will feel inferior, and not attempt. This is a false sense of security we place in our minds. If we are walking in the street, we are mindful of our belongings, mindful of who is looking at us, at how fast the cars are going so we may have good timing to cross the street and be the first, or one of the first people to make it to the other side.
We look at other’s clothing and compare whose clothing is more expensive, cleaner, and colorful. Some marvel at how pretty another one is, if they are prettier than another, who is stronger, stands more upright and gives an impression of authority. The list can go on, but what we should look at really is how our mind works when faced with what we experience in every moment, every breath, and every thought.
You are not free until you can recognize your faults and place in the corner your good points. Do not wear your good points on your collar, sleeve, or even paste in on your forehead. It plants the seeds of ego and competition, and will keep you where you always were, and give you what you always received.
Our past and current world model has been formed by greed, anger and ignorance. That is why we have outcomes of war, famine, natural “disasters”, societal problems, family problems. To do what is wrong is more accepted than to do what is right. People only look at their outcomes. They are worried about what they are going to get in return. That is unintelligent and it has been fed to us by our schools, television, and parents.
It’s not wrong if you understand it and change it, but it is wrong when those around you, as well as yourself, are being affected in a manner which is not wise. As said before, ordinary people look at their outcomes; fear their outcomes. Wise people look at their causes; fear their causes. This fear isn’t the fear we all know. It is more of a concern.
The whole manner of survival of the fittest in the Buddhist school of cultivation does not hold ground one bit. Why, because we simply ask who is the one surviving, who is the one fittest? If there is an “I” which is surviving, an “I” which is more fit than the next, then wisdom is not present, only ignorance.
To change what we experience, we must let go of our views of everything. That doesn’t mean to be dull, like a vegetable growing in the field, just sitting there basking in the sun like beach bums. It means to not attach to dual thinking. See as if not seeing, but do not close your eyes and say you see nothing, because you are still seeing darkness which is something. If one sees nothing, there are seeing something. Ask, “Who is seeing?” Maybe you’ll get an answer, maybe you won’t. If you get an answer, you haven’t found who is seeing yet. If you don’t get an answer, do not be too attached to not getting an answer and then you will get one, but it is sudden…and not sudden.
What is experienced is an outcome of desire. In any order one wishes to put it, thought, desire, outcome; outcome, desire thought, in any order they are the same thing. For instance, sexual desire begins simply by the thought of it, but the thought of it comes from the outcome of having experienced it before, and that outcome is a result of a desire from thinking of experiencing it. The connection is endless, just like our conditions we live by.
Change your mind, and you will change all of what you experience. Continue planting seeds of anger, greed and ignorance, and you will always experience the world as the common person does. Plant seeds of wisdom, patience and compassion, and you will realize that experience is false, and all things are illusion. This is wisdom. Real and not real do not exist. Extinction and non extinction do not exist. Detach from thoughts of separation, and be wise.

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